Refund policy

1. Free Trial Period:

Orio technologies offers a 7-day free trial period for all new users. During this time, users can evaluate the features and functionality of our order management system without any financial commitment.

2. Service Downtime and Performance Issues:

In the event of significant service downtime or performance issues that impact your ability to use our order management system, we will review it on immediate basis.

3. Terms of Use Violations:

Users found in violation of our terms of use, including unauthorized use or abuse of the system, may not be eligible for refunds.

4. Communication of Issues:

Users experiencing issues or concerns must promptly communicate with our customer support team. Failure to report issues in a timely manner may affect eligibility for refunds.

5. Non-Refundable Fees:

Certain fees, such as setup fees or one-time customization fees, may be non-refundable even if the subscription is canceled.

6. Policy Changes:

Orio technologies reserves the right to update or modify this refund policy. Users will be bound by the policy in place at the time of their subscription or refund request.

9. Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about this refund policy, please contact our customer support team at

© Copyright 2024 Orio Technologies (Pvt.) Limited. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2024 Orio Technologies (Pvt.) Limited. All Rights Reserved.